Charity Pays Bail For Those Who Cant Afford It – Southwest Finger Lakes Crime Stoppers

If an individual is found guilty, they may be released upon bail. A surety assures that the defendant will show at the court in time.

In some cases, individuals are granted bail at the police station, before they get to the courtroom. But, granting or refusing bail for crimes can be challenging and unpredictable. Some police officers don’t issue bail or refuse bail for minor offenses on fair terms. An officer of the police can deny anyone bail at their discretion to punish a person.

But, police officers are only authorized to provide bail for minor offenses and to leave the bail determination for more serious offenses up to the courts. In this case it is not appropriate for the police to place the suspect in jail for more than 24 hours prior to taking them to the court. A person who is accused of minor violations such as drunkenness or disorderly loitering, as well as having a drink that is illegal cannot be released on bail. In the event that they do not face charges with any crime, police are under a legal obligation to release the accused by reimbursing their bail. u4w81dzt3g.

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