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This can be confusing and difficult for some. The securities attorneys are in the position to assist you in sorting this out as you consider dealing in the markets for securities. You need to be familiar with the following four things The Securities Act of 1933; 33 exemptions laws, the securities act of 1934, the Securities Act, and State laws.

The Securities Act Of 1933 covers everything about the issuance and initial offer of securities. The law defines the requirements for public disclosure in the event that you apply for an application for registration with the Securities and Exchange Commission. It also clarifies the conditions to be disclosed by an individual. These include the limitations on companies in the process of issuance as well as the liability. It also lists certain exceptions to registration as well as transactions not required.

General coverage of Securities Act Of 1934 covers sales exchanges that occur after the issuance of securities. The Act is mostly applicable to publicly listed corporations, but also includes selling securities. The forms are elaborate for disclosure that comply with section 10 and rule 10B to prohibit fraud in the transfer of securities. Further, sections 14 and 16, and 18, restrict deceitful practices and false information during the sale. These and all other state laws must be adhered to by everyone who has an interest in markets for securities. National corporations can be easily in compliance with state-specific legal requirements through a coordinated registration without the need to fill out various forms.

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