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In his video, you’ll be able to learn more about different pipe types.

Copper pipes can weigh a lot. It isn’t flexible and has to make use of fittings that rotate around angles. It will last for a lengthy time. The average is 75 to 100 years. There are several types from Type L to Type M. Each has its own purposes.

PEX is much easier to work with than copper. It utilizes snap-on fittings to make installation simple for any skill level. PEX was developed around 1900, but it required a few years before being adopted in the United States. Copper pipe was the most popular at the time. It’s not as expensive, but you’ll never compare to the cost and ease of installation that PEX offers.

Another option worth considering is CPVC. It is a long-lasting material that lasts 50-75 years . This is significant, but shorter than some other choices. The real benefit of CPVC is its cost efficiency. This material will save your company cash since the product is so cheap to buy. If you’re undertaking a major project, this could be vital.


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