Can This Criminal Escape The Police on a Nearby Train? – The Film Frame

They do not want to be found out by police. When they eventually are caught, it can result in many heart-pumping chases. A few of these chases end with criminals tripping and falling over their heads. Others end with criminals jumping through a fence, and then falling in a neighbor’s pool. This video shows a criminal plotting elaborate escape strategies. He may need be able to reach a 24-hour bail bondsman just like the rest of them if he doesn’t have money to bail.

The event takes place in Los Angeles. It’s a stunning afternoon. It is the perfect day for a chase. Police officers can better see and avoid obstacles when chasing off the suspect down. When he stole a vehicle and drove off fast. However, he is into a tight spot when the police blockade his route. He is quick to think and then turns quickly to a nearby railway yard. The criminal tries to escape by boarding a train. The train is a bit too fast and too high for the criminal to make it onto.


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