What Kind of Sign Should You Have for Your Brand or Office? – SCHUMM


Companies looking for top-quality signage can choose from a wide range of choices.

Signage is important. It communicates the brand name and identity of your company and in a unique and memorable manner. The signage will raise awareness and convey your unique image. The signage also communicates to the people you want to reach. The signage should be easily understood and seen by people who move from one area from one location to the next.

This video demonstrates a range of options for signage. The flat board option can be made of Acrylic, Foamex, or Correx. They typically fall within 1 square meter of size. Anything bigger requires a distinct type of material. There is also composite board, which can be at least 3 millimeters thick. It is utilized by a variety of establishments as their main outside sign. Frames made of aluminum can be used to protect the screws on the sign.

The type and amount of exposure you need will determine the type of advertising you decide to use.


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