How Profitable is a Tree Trimming Service? – Backyard Landscaping Concepts


Are contemplating how to make money from tree trimming?

Flat rates are one way to get around. The amount of trees, the nature of task and labor involved will decide the price. Your company will give the customer a price quote following completion of the work, your customer will pay the agreed-upon fee.

Additionally, you can charge an hourly fee for services. In the case of small-scale operations or for customers who only need a few trimmings of branches, this pricing structure is the most popular. Your business will provide customers an hourly fee which the customer can be invoiced for the quantity of hours it takes to finish the project.

For a service charge Some companies might be charged a percentage of amount of value the tree has. This is a common practice in the case of large, expensive trees. The value of the tree will be assessed and you will then provide the customer with an estimate based on the percentage.

selling wood cut from trees could generate additional revenue. When a tree is trimmed for removal service, you can make the wood available to a lumber yard , or an establishment that processes wood.

In addition, the tree trimming firms might also offer other services such as stump grinding or tree removal in order to generate additional cash. This allows the tree trimming company to increase its range of services and increase its revenue by offering these services separately.


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