Everything You Need to Know About Finding a Commercial Insurance Carrier – Dan Park Law Group

When you start a fresh trucking company, you’ll need to find a commercial insurance carrier. However, before you discover a company that offers commercial insurance, there are some things you’ll want to accomplish before you can do anything. Keep reading to learn all you can about finding a commercial insurance carrier.

Before you are able to search for or establish your commercial insurance, you’ll need to make an application for DOT authorization. The cost can be higher for businesses that cross boundaries within a state. It is required to undergo a 21-day vetting process when you submit the application to be granted DOT authority. There is a waiting period of 21 calendar days for your commercial insurance.

When your DOT authority is in place, you’ll be able meet an insurance professional in your area. They’re highly experienced and can guide you through all of the options offered to you. These coverages could be general coverage, liability, workers” comp and medical insurance depending on what type of company you want to start.

You have many options to find the right commercial insurance provider to protect your business. Take a look at the video below for more about how you can find the best commercial insurance carrier for your company and what is required to start your own business.


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