Insurance and Legal Requirements for Local Scaffold Services – Insurance Claim Letter

tury, the scaffold law in which employees are exempt from any liability in the event of a building accident, and assigns the entire responsibility to the employer, is the source of fierce dispute for years between the construction business and the government. The YouTube video “Manhattan Construction Insurance Scaffold Law Basics” You will discover more information about New York’s rules for scaffolding.

Because court proceedings involving the an interpretation or application of the laws governing scaffolds usually are favourable to the employee and resulting in expensive settlements, industry reformers are looking to include a “comparative negligence” standard to the scaffold law. If negligence on the part of an employee contributes to the accident, this will reduce liability. Since many law supporters claim that this is necessary in order to safeguard workers’ safety that’s why the demand to include the requirement has received a lot of attention.

Safety for workers working in the construction industry remains a critical issue that every construction company and scaffolding companies in the local area should take into consideration due to the hazards associated with working on construction site. Ensuring that insurance packages cover every worker can mitigate stressful litigation and having to cover the costs of costly indemnity.


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