How to Grind a Stump – Interior Painting Tips

You need to be able to work the chine. This video teaches you to use a stump grinder with safety.

First, you must ensure you’re wearing appropriate outfit. Shorts and tank tops do not make sense to wear when stump grinding. Wear a long-sleeve shirt and long pants for you are stump grinding. Wear work gloves with ear protection, helmets for your face, as well as heavy-duty boots. The wood chips can cause injury to the eyes as well as your skin.

Next, remove any obstacles. Trees, leaves and most importantly, stones must be removed out of the way. To take them out of the ground, use a shovel and pick the axe. Both your equipment and yourself are at risk of rocks. It’s also a good idea cutting off the top part of the stump with a chainsaw to get it further away from the soil.

You can then take a good look at each stump after removing dirt. Then you can get involved with the stump grinder. Raise the stump wheel to the level of the stump. Then, gently go about removing the stump using a side-to side motion. Take your time and work slowly to prevent any injuries.

If you’re not able to commit to the job, don’t forget that you could always engage an expert stump-grinding company to take care of it!


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