T-Bolt Hose Clamps Compared to Worm-Drive Hose Clamps – Infomax Global

Event leaks, and other issues. There are various types of hose clamps that are available. In this video, we will discuss the distinctions between T-Bolt and Worm-Drive clamps for hoses. Look no further if you need high-quality stainless hose clamps.

Worm-Drive clamps for hoses are the usual clamps that is available in stores. These clamps are very affordable and you can get them in as little as one penny. T-Bolts, however, on the being more widespread, can be purchased for around $3. Would you be willing to pay spending the extra cash?

The short version is that T-Bolts are well worth the price. They are able to put greater torque onto the pipe to create a more secure seal. This is particularly important if there’s a significant amount of pressure being pushed through the pipe as is often the case with automotive work. Even when there is more pressure, however, the T-Bolt does not cause damage to the tube. Worm Drive clamps on contrary, apply a different pressure on the hose, and could cause harm. The only time you would need to consider using an X-Clamp is when you work in a super small space and it’s your sole choice. Try using two of the clamps if this is your situation.


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