Moving Tips You May Have Never Heard Of – The Interstate Moving Companies

It’s likely that you’ve already heard of ways to label your packaging and color-coding your packages. Do you have any thoughts about having socks on as a method to transport fragile glasses? In this short video you’ll learn fantastic tips for moving you may have never thought of. There is a chance that you will require help with moving.

The first tip is to make use of vacuum packs. They’re specifically made to minimize the amount of space various items use up. For example, clothing takes up more space because of its air-content as well as the spaces that are left. Vacuum bags help solve this issue as they let you take out air. The result is bags with a tiny dimensions that can maximize storage space.

A great tip to help protect small broken glasses is to use clean socks. Just place the socks on top of the glass and wear it just like your feet. The sock adds a layer of protection. The glasses can be wrapped glasses in towels to protect the glasses.


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