Heating Oil Delivery Process – Home Improvement Videos


The delivery driver has to locate the home. To do that, he uses software on the computer that provides the address and various details regarding the property.

Once he arrives when he arrives, the worker goes to the meter station located at the rear of the truck, prepares everything by grabbing the hose which will be used to pump the oil.

The technician screws the house into the oil line for the home, making careful to lay rags on the ground so that oil doesn’t drip on the garden. Important to be sure that the oil line is properly secured prior to the time the truck begins pumping.

The serviceman starts off in a slow pace, waiting for the ominous whistle that lets him know to pump more the oil that is being pumped. The worker stands by the hose or pipe to close off any leakages and then waits for the sound to be heard.

Following this, the pipe is returned to the truck , and then re-routed into its coil. When the pump and meter stations are shut down and the repairman is able to move onto the next station.


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