DIY Tips for Installing a Storm Door for Your Home – House Killer

They are designed and built to stand up to any weather. There is various dimensions and designs. They come with three layers, a front, back and internal layer.

Storm doors are handy and are able to handle all kinds of weather.
Below are easy steps to set up your storm door.

Put the screw to fix the place to place the holder inside your front door
Insert the screw in the place of the placeholder, then pull off the hinge rail that is on your door.

Put the door together
Put the door and screw the hinge rail into it. The adjustable door sweep comes with an open mortise.

Fix the storm door to the rail. Hang it.
Install the storm door into its place. Screws are driven into the hinge rail. Join the hinge rail onto the outside rail using the cap.

Install the drip caps, the latch rail and drill the holes to the latch.
Put the drill guide over the door and drill the holes.

Inject the lock into the mortise.
Check that the lock’s body is inserted and fastened by screws.

Mount the hardware and ensure a space for a latch
Both the deadbolt and latch will need to fit inside the opening.

Install the closer
The last step is to put the closer into the door. wwhcf79dgr.

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