Best Practices for Winterizing Your Home – Rochester Magazine

Getting home ready for winter Covers for your hose’s bibs with insulation: Besides having frost-free sillcocks, it’s recommended to put covered the hose bibs. They are cheap and simple to install.

Removable caulk: Probably, you leave your windows shut during the winter. To properly seal your window, apply a removable caulk at the point where the sashes touch the frame. Do not mess up with your window blinds.

Door sweeps: The door is able to be cleaned in order to eliminate drafts from underneath. Door sweeps can put the squeeze on that breeze. Door sweeps are great to winterize doors and can use in the colder winter months or rooms without heating.

It’s time to get ready for winter. Which other top practices would you include in the list of ways to help prepare yourself for the cold season? Take note of the above steps before the winter season begins and then contact the insulation experts at your home to help keep warm and warm during the winter months. Have a great winter!

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