8 Things to Look for When Booking Your AirBnB – B&B NOW!

Read Reviews

Of course, one the most effective ways you can determine what kind of experience you will have for a particular property is to look at reviews. Though AirBnB hosts can answer to complaints even if they aren’t happy with the reviewer, the majority of reviews posted on AirBnB provide honest feedback about the experience. The majority of them will quickly respond to any review. If you read a lengthy review of the experience there is a good chance that they made an impression. The impression you get should be favorable However, it is important to take the time to review any negative reviews. But be aware that if something in the review appears to be untrue and you are unsure, ask the host directly about it.

Look for reviews that discuss those issues that are significant for you. If, for instance, you’re concerned regarding air conditioning when you’re in a hot area be sure to look for reviews that discuss how often an HVAC service is performed on the property or if other guests have experienced problems regarding air conditioning. Even though giving a review isn’t among the AirBnB conditions for tenants but guests are highly encouraged to give reviews. Properties that are available for more than one year can enjoy good reviews, provided that they’ve received a similar quantity of guests. But, it’s not always a positive thing when there’s not a lot of reviews. Some properties may be newer or have less education about the most effective way to ask for reviews.

6. Find a list of cleaning and service fees

AirBnB charges a basic fee to book properties. There are other costs associated with homes that you might not see unless you read the property’s description. There are cleaning and maintenance fees and are typically paid by the hosts to pay the expenses of keeping the property clean. 93msnjs92a.

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