How Can You Repair a Damaged Roof – Interstate Moving Company

The step-by-step demo will make it easy for you to understand the entire procedure of reconstruction.

It is necessary to have an electric drill, hammer as well as a claw bar to get to work.

Start by removing the felt underlayment in preparation for the task. Remove the plastic or metal caps first to facilitate the process.

After that, you can mark the Y-studs with a chalk line. If you utilize the framing nails to guide the search, it’s easy to locate the Y-rafters as well as studs.

Next, you need to mark both the top and bottom lines with the chalk line. The marks should form an exact 90 degree angle, therefore you should use the straight edge as your guideline, like the bottom or top roof edge.

In order to follow these steps You will have to observe the steps they take to accomplish this in the instructional video.

If you find this video too difficult to understand for your needs You should consider hiring local roofers. It is important to ensure that the contractor is licensed and insured. be1lbrn9tf.

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