What is Fire Watch Service? – Reference Video.net

If fire safety service is stopped or the fire alarm system is operational firefighters are necessary.

Watchmen from the fire department will check buildings and construction sites in order to verify that there are there are no indications or fire dangers. It is essential to ensure that businesses safe while they are performing their duties throughout the day. Certain situations call for fire watch may be required for homes. If a sprinkler or fire suppression device is out of operation, firefighters are sent to help.

They are accountable for informing fire departments as well as building occupants about any emergency that could involve the possibility of fire. The employees must be on an eye on fires. Every fire-watch employee must prevent fires from happening and be prepared to tackle small fires with extinguishers. Personnel must hold a fitness certificate and be ready for emergency scenarios. When hot work is done the fire watchers should be employed. When there are dense crowds in buildings or during large festivals, fire guards may be necessary. zme2jr6iqz.

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