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But, if you do market a property that has issues but you don’t disclose it the problem, it may come back to bite you.

Certain states require more details than other states. Contact your realtor or attorney on your disclosure obligations prior to selling your home.

Real property sales can come with specific rules. Different jurisdictions might view “selling at the time it’s” in a different way. Be sure to consult an expert that is knowledgeable of the law governing real estate transactions that apply to your state.

Start With a Checklist

Checklists can help you make sure that you aren’t missing anything and maximize the value of your home. Talk to a realtor about the most important things that need to be accomplished.

To increase the value of the property before it’s listed for sale, there’s a number of actions you should take. If you want to make sure your home is up to par, start from the beginning.

It’s a fact, nobody is going to buy a house with holes in the roof or other junk everywhere in the yard. Write that list down and start chipping away at it. It may take a while until you can sell the home due to repairs, but the money that you’ll get in the end will be more than worth it. rpoblgzefi.

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